Welcome ladies. I am J'anaki Ra - healer and yoga teacher specialising in wom(b)en empowerment, and womb yoga.

Womb Yoga is a style of yoga that draws from various yoga practices into a yoga form that has just the right balance to nurture, nourish and mentor women of all ages and stages of life – from maiden to matriarch, to those entering menarche (menstruation) and to those who are in menopause.

Through Yoga Mama, my Red Tent Johannesburg group, my workshops and sacred retreats; I work with women to honour the timeless, respectable tradition of community where the young learn from the wise and the nurturers are themselves nurtured by a community of women.

With Yoga Mama and Red Tent, I aim to create a community of women who are strong in their divine femininity; who are happy, grounded, connected and healthy; and who not only nurture those in their lives but who nurture and honour themselves. Drawing on yoga practices such as Yoga Nidra – the art of relaxation; Sankalpa – working with the power of heart-placed intention; the yoga postures; and concepts such as balancing yin and yang, nourishing the body with the right food, working with energy and the universal laws; womb yoga - and wom(b)en empowerment -  becomes a way of life.