Womb Yoga

Modern styles of yoga in the West have been developed by men from the East but it is women that are emerging as the Yogi’s of the West, with little attention focused on their very specific needs.

Womb Yoga focuses on:

  • Fluid rather than statics movements
  • Nourishing the sacral area
  • Encouraging blood flow to the pelvis
  • Rejuvenating  reproductive organs
  • Respecting energy levels and moods
  • Balancing the endocrine system which governs hormones and stress levels in the body
  • Working with moon cycles
  • Understanding ancient blood wisdom

We work with: Asana (yogic postures); Pranayama (breathing); Prana Shakti (energy), mudra (gestures), mantra (sound), yantra (archetypes) and respect for the feminine vessel (your body!).


Womb Yoga Group classes are held in the format of workshops, running several times a year. Click here for more info.

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