Red Tent Johannesburg – a safe space for women to come together to simply BE

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Rooted in the Red Tent Temple Movement this is a monthly gathering and Facebook community where women come together to share, cry, dance, celebrate and honor life as a woman.

We share our pains, our pleasures, our journeys. We come as we are, we share what we wish to, we are silent if we need to be, we care for each other, we love deeply, we heal, we express, we shout, we cry, we are the fullest expressions of our grandest selves, we turn inward to delve into our darkest depths, we flow, we move, we love, we celebrate, we honor. We are women. 

Click here to join our community on Facebook and be a part of the movement. Come along to our Red Tent meetings and go on a journey of discovering your divine feminine power. 

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