J'anaki Ra

J'anaki began her personal yoga practice several years ago at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in London. After many years of working the corporate world she decided to embark upon a journey of the soul, completing travels throughout Asia, and most notably the birth-place of Yoga: India.

Whilst in India J'anaki had the good fortune to study with many influential Yogis' and then immediately went on to complete a rigorous Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in New York.
In 2009 J'anaki returned to South Africa on a mission to spread the timeless teachings of yoga - and to give birth to a precious little girl.

Although still teaching classical Hatha Yoga, J'anaki was inspired by her own pregnancy and birthing into specialising in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, with an emphasis on well-being and confident birth preparation. Yoga Mama was then born in 2010 and continues to flourish today.

J'anaki: "As we continue to settle into nuclear families, the elimination of community living in the modern world has led to a severe education gap amongst expectant mothers. There is currently an urgent need for the re-empowerment of women to claim back their right to birth their children (in which ever manner they choose) confidently, just as countless generations have been doing since the dawn of humanity. Along with midwives, this is the role of the Yoga Teacher".


Tarryn Walton

Tarryn is a mom of three and works primarily as a professional doula.

Through her own childbirth experiences and  whilst regularly supporting other women  through the journey of  pregnancy and birth, she has come to realise the importance of preparing the mind, body and breath and understanding the connection between these three aspects of our being.

She has therefore trained as a prenatal yoga teacher as she feels this is a wonderful way for a pregnant woman to physically and mentally prepare for the challenges of pregnancy and birth.

Her style of teaching originates from the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and is ideal for pregnant women as it is holistic and integrative in approach, focusing on internalization of  awareness and the importance of honouring one's limitations.


"Most women are not aware of the benefits yoga during pregnancy brings to her or her unborn baby, but the positive effects of being strong, supple, calm and connected throughout the process can not be disputed. Yoga is a wonderful practice for helping one achieve this and the benefits continue to be felt afterwards as a mother and baby's sense of well-being is improved due to a positive birth experience."