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Prenatal Yoga

Recommended by most doctors and midwives, prenatal yoga offers a multitude of benefits to both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond: Joint exercises - perfect for poor circulation, swelling/water retention and excellent to improve mobility....

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Postnatal recovery

Postnatal recovery The postnatal period is one of great change and adjustment. During this time a woman is vulnerable to stress and strain on many different levels, so postnatal yoga is gentle and therapeutic. The emphasis is upon nurturing and support: at a physical...

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All About Yoga

 Yoga Mama offers Pregnancy Yoga classes in JHB/CPT focusing on nurturing the expectant mother throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond into the early days of motherhood. At Yoga Mama, we work with: Asana (yogic postures); Pranayama (breathing); Prana Shakti (energy), mudra (gestures), mantra (sound), yantra (archetypes) and respect for the feminine vessel (your body!). 

Yoga for me

Fluid rather than statics movements
Nourishing the sacral area
Encouraging blood flow to the pelvis
Rejuvenating reproductive organs
Respecting energy levels and moods
Balancing the endocrine system which governs hormones and stress levels in the body
Working with moon cycles
Understanding ancient blood wisdom

All About Yoga

The Recommended by most doctors and midwives,
pregnancy yoga  offers a multitude of benefits to both mother and
baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond. 


Mindfullness and Meditation

The practice of mindfulness meditation gives us an opportunity to become more
present with ourselves just as we are. This, in turn, shows us glimpses of our
inherent wisdom and teaches us how to stop perpetuating the unnecessary suffering
that results from trying to escape the discomfort, and even pain, we inevitably
experience as a consequence of simply being alive..

J’anaki began her personal yoga practice in 2004 at the Sivananda Yoga
Centre in London. After many years of working in the corporate world she
decided to embark upon a journey of the Soul, completing travels throughout Asia, and most notably the birth-place of Yoga: India.

Whilst in India J’anaki had the good fortune to study with many influential Yogis and then immediately went on to complete a rigorous Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in New York in 2008. In mid-2009 J’anaki returned to South Africa and further trained under the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

Although still teaching classical Hatha Yoga, J’anaki was inspired by her
own Pregnancy Yoga class (in Ireland) to begin teaching prenatal yoga in
South Africa in 2010 when Yoga Mama was born. Since then J’anaki’s work has organically evolved to include the needs of the modern day women with whom she is working. This includes all concerns of the womb space: menstrual irregularities; PMS; infertility and womb-based trauma. Through this advancement in her field of expertise, the Red Tent JHB was born on October 2016 – a place where women gather each month to share in thier menstrual awareness and healing.

J’anaki has since furthered her training in 2017 by understaking an
international Mixed Movement Martial Arts based Yoga Teacher Training, known as Budokon. In the same year she completed a Post-natal and Yin Yoga Teacher Training. In 2018 J’anaki took part in a Well Women Yoga Teacher Training, a prestigious LifeLine Counselling course and a rigorous training to qualify as a select Bowen Technique body therapist.



Pregnancy is a wondrous time of transformation and growth for both mother and baby.

It is a time when your body will change to encapsulate the wonder of nature – the growth of your child from within your womb.
It is a time when your mind prepares to evolve from the simplicities of womanhood into the complexities of motherhood. It is a time when your soul flourishes to reveal the vast expanse of capabilities stored within the warehouse of your very being. A happy, well-balanced mommy makes for a happy, well-balanced baby; look after yourself and the everything else will follow… Pregnancy and traditional Hatha Yoga classes as well as courses & workshops focused on pregnancy and general spiritual well-being are offered throughout Randburg, Fourways, Bryanston and Sandton in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

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